7 days itinerary for Madhya Pradesh

Embark on a delightful journey through Madhya Pradesh, a central Indian state bursting with culture and history. This 7 days itinerary for Madhya Pradesh promises a mix of scenic beauty and ancient wonders, inviting you to explore Bhopal’s lakes, Sanchi’s UNESCO-listed treasures, Khajuraho’s intricate temples, and more. Get ready for a week of discovery and charm!

7 days itinerary for Madhya Pradesh: #1 Day

Morning: Arrival in Bhopal
To begin your Madhya Pradesh tour, explore the lively Bhopal city.  Start your tour with the calmness of Upper Lake and Lower Lake. Riding the boats on this lake is a trending experience. The vivid scenery and colorful nature create a perfect atmosphere for an intriguing adventure.


Afternoon: Lakeside Bliss
During the afternoon, try to explore lakeside adventure. Plan to take a walk along its banks and consume the scenic views. You will feel yourself as a part of the old city. Become part of the local culture as busy markets reveal various crafts and flavors exclusively found only in Bhopal.

Evening: Old World Charm
At night, take an interest to know about the old history of Bhopal through the visuals created by the illuminated cityscape and lit up heritages. Experience this during the evening hours, tasting local delights and capturing the city’s spirit as a capital of Madhya Pradesh.

7 days itinerary for Madhya Pradesh: #2 Day

Morning: Sanchi’s Spiritual Splendor
Experience the morning serenity of Sanchi and set off on a cultural trek. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site, which has the ethereal Great Stupa as well, ancient Buddhist stupas and highly carved gateways. 

Be amazed by the spiritual atmosphere while you explore this historical and artistic site, pondering every monument’s importance.

Afternoon: Udayagiri Caves Adventure

Switch to the afternoon and drive on a scenic route towards Udayagiri Caves. Experience the marvels of rock-cut caves, which tell stories from Hindu mythology in intricate sculptures. Explore the ancient caves, each depicting a distinct aspect of India’s colorful fabric. Besides, the archaeological sites and scenic vistas create an intriguing encounter which reveals more about the region’s historical value.

udayagiri caves adventure

Evening: Bhopal’s Local Charms

Go back to Bhopal at night where the remnants of the ancient market can still be seen as well as its rich history. Wander down the tiny alleyways, uncovering hidden treasures and treat yourself with local food. The night brings an inflection of the modern and old making it as a fitting finale to experience that takes not only on faith but also history.

7 days itinerary for Madhya Pradesh: #3

Out of 7 days itinerary for Madhya Pradesh, today would be day 3 and we would go for historical places of Madhya pradesh.

Morning: Bhimbetka Exploration
On the third day, immerse yourself in Madhya Pradesh’s intriguing history while you explore Bhimbetka. This UNESCO World Heritage site has a morning visit as ancient rock shelters there contain alien cave paintings that reflect the region’s archaeological past.

Afternoon: Bhojpur Heritage
In the afternoon, make a trip to Bhojpur and visit one of the most stunning temples in India-the majestic Bhojeshwar Temple. Imagine the Shiva Lingam, a mind-boggling feat of engineering chiselled out from one great monolith. Roam through the historic precinct, soaking in details of this temple along with surrounding terrain.

Evening: Cultural Resonance
In the evening, head back to Bhopal and immerse in all things local. Wander through the city’s markets, sample authentic local cuisine and see what gives Bhopal its nighttime personality in terms of colors and sounds. This evening will be a beautiful combination of history, art and contemporary life in Madhya Pradesh.

Day 4

Morning: Orchha Exploration
Spend the day 4 visiting Orchha’s historic aspects. You can start your day productively if you visit the Orchha Fort. The fort is a masterpiece in architectural work which tell stories from history. You will notice the minute details of Jahangir Mahal. The Raj Mahal will awe you and you will find peace in Ram Raja Temple.

orchha exploration

Afternoon: Architectural Splendors
In the midday, think about exploring more about what Orchha is famous for. See the magnificent chambers inside the Jahangir Mahal. You can enjoy beautiful paintings inside the Raj Mahal’s paintiings done in Mughal style that defines this whole town itself.

Evening: Sound and Light Spectacle
During the end of your day with the evening shows at Orchha. The evening show animates the history of Orchha. The use amazing illuminations and narrative that further enhance which brings the history alive.

Day 5

Morning: Exploring Khajuraho’s Architectural Marvels
Start your fifth day of Madhya Pradesh by getting a sight of the inspiring architecture of Western Group Temples. You are bound to get mesmerized looking at the marvelous details of Kandariya Mahadev Temple. The temple demonstrates artistic skills from Chandela dynasty. There is detailed sculptures which reflect different aspects of their culture.


Afternoon: Cultural Journey at Khajuraho
In the afternoon, you can go to the Khajuraho’s cultural wealth. Take a tour of the Lakshmana Temple,The temple tributes the Lord Vishnu and it is famous for its fine carvings. Take a walk through the Archaeological Museum and you will learn more about its heritage and value.

Evening: Enlightening Sound and Light Show
Do you know about the stunning sound and light show at the Western Group of Temples? It brings Khajuraho’s temples to life when the sun says goodbye. Enjoy your evening enjoying these sound and light shows. 

Day 6

Out of 7 days itinerary for Madhya Pradesh, today is day 6 where we will go for adventure, this is the best place for the kids,adults and the people who love to enjoy the animal, birds & wild life of earth.

Morning: Panna National Park Safari Adventure

You will start the day with a thrilling early morning when you visit the Panna National Park, which is home to many wildlife animals. Here you can travel through the thick forest in open roof jeeps. If you are lucky you may catch a look of The Bengal tiger, leopards and other wildlife animals. The park has various landscapes, ranging from thick forests to peaceful water bodies that can give you a stimulating experience..

panna national park safari

Afternoon: The Excursion to Pandav Falls and Caves

In afternoon, visit the amazing Pandav falls. It is basically a waterfall with dense green trees all around. Then there is a Pandav Cave which you can visit.

The cave is full of mythology and there are carvings on rocks. The Pandav falls holds a peaceful atmosphere and historical charm which makes it a perfect afternoon place to visit.

Evening: Nature’s Tranquility and Accommodation Retreat

At the end of day, you may decide to stay back at the hotel. We always suggest to keep a moment in hand to stay back at your hotel for few hours to explore it. In the meantime, grap a drink and reminisce the place you visited today and stich them to your soul.

Day 7

Morning in Gwalior
You can visit Gwalior Fort on the day of your last Madhya Pradesh expedition. People admire the stunning architecture and explore the historical stories within it. The fort will give you a good view of the city, making your day start very peaceful.


Afternoon Exploration
Then you will move to the Jai Vilas Palace. It is a combination of European and Indian architecture. The palace has lots of luxurious rooms

Afterward, you can go to the Sas Bahu Temples. They are beautifully carved in tribute of Lord Vishnu. You will enjoy the religious and artistic aura of these old buildings.

Evening Charm of Gwalior
In the late evening, you can walk through Gwalior’s busy markets. You will see an ambience and taste of local delicacies and you can purchase some handmade crafts. When you leave Gwalior, you will keep it in your memories for so long.

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In other words, Travelonway shared a complete 7 days itinerary for Madhya Pradesh. Also, Madhya Pradesh’s weeklong escapade was awesome! 

Every day was a new wonder, from visiting old caves to walking on lively markets. Historical forts, temples and natural landscape embedded memories to be cherished. This trip was a perfect blend of history, culture and entertainment. Can’t wait to come back! I hope you loved our article: Top tourist places to visit in Madhya Pradesh!


What is Famous places in Madhya Pradesh

Famous places of Madhya Pradesh

The Indian state of Madhya Pradesh has a wide variety of historical and cultural sites. Famous locations include the exquisitely carved temples of Khajuraho, the medieval Buddhist stupas of Sanchi, and the ancient Bhimbetka cave paintings. Every location adds to the state’s rich history and visual appeal, from the imposing Gwalior Fort to the tranquil Pachmarhi vistas.

How many days are enough for Madhya Pradesh?

Trip of 7 days are enough to visit the top places of the Madhya Pradesh. Complete itinerary for visiting the Madhya Pradesh.
1) Lakeside Bliss
2) Udayagiri Caves Adventure
3) Bhimbetka Exploration
4) Orchha Exploration
5) Exploring Khajuraho’s Architectural Marvels
6) Cultural Journey at Khajuraho
7) Panna National Park Safari Adventure

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