Top places to visit in Surat with in 100 km

Explore the top places to visit in Surat within 100 km – from serene beaches to historical gems. Tucked away in the dynamic state of Gujarat, Surat invites visitors with its fusion of culture commerce and character. Surat is one of the vibrant cities in India, known for its important history and busy marketplaces. However, beyond the metropolis lies an array of treasures that await exploration within a 100-kilometer radius. What’s more, each destination reveals a bit of Gujarat culture from the tranquil beaches like Dumas and Ubharat to cultural establishments such as the Sardar Patel Museum in Bardoli. Whether basking in the tranquility of nature or learning about history, these nearby landmarks provide an exciting journey for travellers and lovers of culture.

Top places to visit in surat: #1 Dumas Beach:

Top places to visit in Surat

Locals and visitors alike enjoy the picnic site at Dumas Beach, near Surat. For its distinctive black sand, and captivating sunsets it is an ideal place for a relaxing outing. You can also walk along the beach, play in sandcastles, or just lie back and enjoy gentle waves A lot of people come here for picnics and groups also organize beach games with their friends. Whether you are an individual seeking solitude or a family wishing to share some light-hearted moments, Dumas Beach provides the peace and quiet of time away from city life which makes it one more spot that should not be missed when in Surat.

Top places to visit in surat: #2 Sardar Patel Museum, Bardoli

A special place dedicated to the memory of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, a great hero in India history is at Bardoli about 35 kilometers from Surat. It’s like traveling back in time, where we see him fighting for our country. Inside, there are old things like pictures and documents chronicling his heroic deeds. It is not merely a museum; it is where you can take pride in our past. Many individuals travel here to hear about this great man who changed so much. It’s a must see if around Surat, the diamond of history.

Top places to visit in surat: #3 Gopi Talav

Gopi talav

A calm lake Gopi Talav, located at a distance of approximately 42 kilometers from Surat is surrounded by green vegetation. It is a peaceful area where people come for pleasurable sailing outings or just to relax within the peace of nature. There are families picnicking here, laughing children and bird watchers see colorful fowls. The calm environment of the lake is a good alternative from the city’s bustling environment. People visit the lake to spend some peaceful time, either in their boats or admiring its beauty through photographs. This is a place that offers solace and moments of exuberance for locals as well as tourists throughout the year.

Ubharat Beach

Ubharat Beach

Sitting only 42 kilometers southwest of Surat, Ubharat Beach is a peaceful escape with soft golden sands and idyllic tranquility. Families gather here to spend a recreational day. There is a chance to ride on any camel or horse along the shore, but if you want some kind of rivalry there are beach volleyball games available. The beauty of the Arabian Sea fully comes to life as you bask in the sun, enjoying every moment with a gust of salty breeze. Take a break from the city noise with your loved ones or just laze around on this beach for relaxation and refreshment.

Dumas Village

Dumas Village, which is one of part Top places to visit in surat. It’s must visited place. situated a couple of kilometre away from Surat offers more than its scenic beach. This is a peek into the lives and practices of the colorful Parsi community. You can walk through the beautiful Parsi Cemetery, known as the Tower of Silence where age-old practices continue. Local eateries at the village give you a true taste of authentic Parsi cuisine, making your senses enjoy those pleasant flavors. It’s an opportunity to become steeped in a great civilization, where every nook and cranny has its own history. Dumas Village allures you to get the feel of its warm people and charming ambience closest Surat.

Galteshwar Mahadev Temple


Located about 60 kilometers from the city of Surat, Galteshwar Mahadev Temple is a peaceful shrine for Lord Shiva. Surrounded by the serene Narmada River banks, it is a holy place for meditation. Here comes the people seeking refuge in nature’s peaceful beauty. The atmosphere of the temple is peaceful and welcoming, as devotees make their prayers and carry out rituals. Situated in the midst of dense vegetation and flowing water bodies; it’s like a secret paradise far from the buzzing city. Whether you are sincere pilgrim or just look for a quiet getaway, Galteshwar Mahadev Temple provides serene sanctuary.

Dandi Beach

Dandi beach

The specialty about Dandi Beach is that it was here, 64 kilometers form Surat that Mahatma Gandhi did something very important. In 1930, he spearheaded a peaceful demonstration known as the Salt Satyagraha. It is a historical place, reminding us of India’s freedom struggle. Today, people come here to find out about this important occasion and as well that they can enjoy the beach. It is there the Dandi Memorial can be found which represents Gandhi and the whole freedom movement. It is more than just a recreational beach; it’s a place that brings back memories of our country’s fight for independence and freedom.


Being the only hill station in Gujarat, Saputara stands at a distance of around 156 kilometers from Surat sitting amidst dense forests and gentle slopes. Although a bit over the 100-kilometer limit, its fascination is worth mentioning. In this regard, nature unveils its wonders inviting guests to enjoy quietude within green fields. The trekking trails are calling to the adventurers; Saputara Lake is welcoming with serene boat rides. The town is infused with tribal culture seen in its full glory at the Saputara Tribal Museum that captures aspects of indigenous living. Saputara guarantees a much-needed getaway from the city’s chaos, welcoming everyone to bask in its natural bliss and taste life in congenial hills.


To conclude, this was the article related into Top places to visit in surat under 100 km at travelonway. Visiting the tourist attractions around Surat within a 100-kilometer radius reveals endless opportunities for travelers. I hope you loved this article of best places to visit in surat within 100km. From the calm beaches of Dumas Beach to Dandi beach and its symbolic importance, each place has a natural beauty associated with it enriched culture along with spiritual contentment. These are meant for a variety of interests, that is, whether you crave solitude or want to embark on history. Therefore, grab your backpack and set off on a journey full of beautiful memories where you can explore hidden beauties within reachable distance from Surat.

One day picnic near suat with in 100 km

Dumas Beach
Ubharat Beach
Galteshwer Temple
Valak Waterfall
Parth Waterfall

2 days trip near surat for couple

Day 1:

Morning: Start with Dumas Beach
Enjoy a peaceful morning walk on the beach.
Explore the local stalls and have breakfast with a view of the Arabian Sea.
Late Morning: Visit Science Centre, Surat
Engage in interactive exhibits and enjoy the science-related displays.
Afternoon: Lunch at a Local Restaurant
Explore local cuisine and enjoy a leisurely lunch.
Afternoon: Gaviar Lake
Spend some time at Gaviar Lake for a serene experience and bird-watching.
Late Afternoon: Rang Upvan
Stroll through the garden, appreciate the colorful flowers, and relax.
Evening: Dinner at a Riverside Restaurant
Choose a restaurant with a riverside view for a romantic dinner.

Day 2:

Morning: Visit Jagdishchandra Bose Aquarium
Explore the aquarium and marvel at the diverse marine life.
Late Morning: Tithal Beach
Head to Tithal Beach for a relaxing morning by the sea.
Afternoon: Lunch at a Beachside Shack
Enjoy local seafood at a beachside shack for a laid-back lunch.
Afternoon: Amaazia Water Park
Spend the afternoon at Amaazia Water Park for water-based fun and excitement.
Late Afternoon: Sarthana Nature Park
Visit the nature park for a leisurely walk and enjoy the green surroundings.
Evening: Riverfront Flower Park
Spend a quiet evening at the Riverfront Flower Park.
Night: Dinner and Relaxation
Choose a cozy restaurant for a romantic dinner to conclude the trip.

How many days are enough for Surat

4 days are sufficient to visit Surat because it has only limited destinations to visit.

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