Top 8 Trekking Places in Mysore

In this article, We are gonna discuss about the top 8 trekking places in Mysore which is one the best city in Karnataka for natural lovers. Mysore, a city in the south of India that has many beautiful sceneries is well known for its history and also cultural atmosphere. Although it is not generally known as a trekking destination, there are also many nice areas around Mysore where you can go for a walk and an easy hike.

 Let’s embark on a journey to uncover the hidden gems of Trekking spots in Mysore. Here are 8 such places that make the trekking very easy with a pleasant journey for nature lovers.

Top Trekking places in Mysore

Chamundi Hills:

chamundi hills

The first place among the most fascinating hikes near Mysore is Chamundi Hills, which are just a skip away from here. Overlooking the splendor of Mysore stands on top, is the Chamundeshwari Temple. It is a very moderate hike and so, anyone can easily do it. As you climb, the cool wind and the greenery envelops you. 

The climax is reaching the temple that looks so beautiful against a clear and blue sky. The tourists are also very attracted to the scenic beauty. This is the number one place for a memorable escape, as it perfectly combines nature with culture and even some adventure in the Chamundi Hills. To wrap up, this is one of the top trekking spot in mysore.

Biligiri Rangaswamy Betta (BR Hills):

Bilikal rangaswamy trekking place

Second on our list is the Biligiri Rangaswamy Betta which lies 120 km from Mysore. Known for its dense vegetation and fauna, this hiking site is a very thrilling expedition. The Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple at the summit is a stunning spectacle and an ideal payoff for the hike. Nature lovers will enjoy the great challenge and pleasure of this trip.

 The hike, with its panoramic vistas of the landscape around it, and offering an oasis away from the city life. Biligiri Rangaswamy Betta is one of the very best destinations for a combination of adventure, spirituality and also wonderful natural scenery.


Third on our list is Talakadu, a very picturesque village near Mysore. Once the land of Panchalinga temples, Talakadu attracts many visitors to witness its historical significance. Here, trekking is an very enjoyable journey along the sandy paths of the Cauvery River. Tourists can uncover the ancient temples at a depth of sand and giving an intriguing archeological panorama. 

The combination of history and also nature makes Talakadu such an very interesting place to visit. Talakadu would be a fascinating stop for the travellers looking to escape into solitude and find peace in the midst of historically significant landmarks and also scenic surroundings. Exploring these Trekking Places in Mysore offers an unforgettable experience for outdoor enthusiasts

Nagarhole National Park:

Our fourth option, Nagarhole National Park near Mysore is a very enchanting wildlife preserve. Being a nature lover’s paradise; it is also home to many different plants and animals. Visitors can engage in many exciting hikes to explore the park’s hidden secrets. The lush forests are home to many great elephants, naughty monkeys and also colourful bird species. Leopards, deer and the shy tiger often can be seen in the safari adventures. 

The serene Kabini River gives an additional touch, offering the boat safaris for a different view. Nagarhole National Park provides a plethora of greenery, and also thrilling wildlife viewing thus making it an area worth visiting for anyone who seeks nature in all its glory.

Kunti Betta:

Our fifth item is Kunti Betta – one of the most beautiful trekking areas located 130 km from Mysore. Famous for its twin peaks and picturesque beauty, Kunti Betta puts forth a trek which is very exciting and within the reach of all. The trek through the dense vegetation and also rugged paths ends at a peak that has stunning vistas of the landscape. It is a nature lovers’ paradise due to the pleasant wind and the calm environment. You’ll truly understand the allure of trekking in Mysore’s pristine wilderness.

A good difficulty level, Kunti Betta is a perfect for both novices and the veteran trekkers. The visit to this place promises a very refreshing trekking expedition and also an opportunity for communion with the nature.

trekking places in mysore

Bananthimari Betta:

For the nature lovers, Bananthimari Betta is a treasure trove located around 150 kilometers away from Mysore. This lesser known trekking location captivates with its thick forest cover and a peaceful ambience. Climbing to the highest point is a very fascinating adventure saturated with lots of views of various fauna and also flora. At the peak, visitors are rewarded with breathtaking vistas of the lush Western Ghats.

 A peaceful retreat from the busy city streets, Bananthimari Betta is an ideal location for a refreshing day trip. For a tranquil wander away from the well-trodden routes, this photogenic location offers an unforgettable and also invigorating experience.


Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta:

The 7th spot on our list is Bananthimari Betta, a hidden treasure just about 150 kilometers away from Mysore. This trekking point is bottled in the verdant greenery and gives a happy trip down through thick forests. The trail presents an exhilarating experience with the singing birds and colourful foliage. 

When they arrive at the summit, the travelers are amazed with the magnificent scenes of Western Ghats. Indeed, Bananthimari Betta is an very idyllic retreat far from the hassles of the city life that attracts many nature lovers. This area offers a peaceful environment for the visitors who need to find peace in the nature.

Bilikal rangaswamy trekking place

Male Mahadeshwara Betta:

Male Mahadeshwara Betta is full of natural beauty and charm. It is located 180 kilometers from Mysore, The trek to the hilltop, where the Male Mahadeshwara Temple is situated, gives a calm experience amidst dense forests. The temple is a revered pilgrimage site visited by devotees seeking blessings every year. The trek is little challenging, making it accessible to various fitness levels.

Reaching the summit allows trekkers to see the whole surrounding landscapes. The mixture of spirituality and scenic beauty makes Male Mahadeshwara Betta a delightful destination, attracting tourists to explore its cultural and natural treasures. So this was the last trekking places in mysore which is worth to visit

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So this was the article of Top trekking places in Mysore. It has some of the best trekking places of India. Mysore and its surroundings offer diverse trekking spots, each with its unique characteristics. From Chamundi Hills to Kabbaladurga, nature lovers can explore scenic landscapes and cultural sites.

You must stay safe, follow guidelines, and enjoy the simple joy of discovering these beautiful trekking destinations near Mysore.

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